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 Service Contract - The Block of Time (10 hours)
 $640.00AUD  $576.00AUD 
  NS Computing  

 Service Contract - The Block of Time (10 hours)

Service Contract - Support and Maintenance Package: The Block Of Time can be used for any of the services provided by NS Computing. It covers everything from planning and installation, to on-going support and Internet design work. It is a simple and flexible approach to obtaining professional computer services, no matter what you might need.

How might you use your Block Of Time Contract?

* Get your Windows, Macintosh and Linux computers fixed on site
* Installation and configuration of system and application software
* Training in a specific application
* Telephone Support
* Off site repair of your equipment
* Software or hardware upgrades
* Network Problem Solving
* Web site Design, Programming and Maintenance
* Network Project Development
* etc...


Unlike typical support contracts, the Block Of Time can be applied toward a wide variety of services over an unspecified period of time. There is no "use it or lose it" deadline, nor are they any terms that limit its use to certain types of services or products. All of the services provided by NS Computing can be billed against the Block Of Time. If more time is needed than was initially contracted for, an additional Block Of Time can be purchased at the same discounted rate.

Time is accurately tracked for each use of the Block Of Time, and you receive a statement for each support activity, indicating the type of service performed, the amount of time used, and the time remaining under the current contract.

Learn more in depth:

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The Business Network and Maintenance Contracts
The Online enquiry form

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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 10 July, 2002.

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07. Service Contract - The Block of Time (10 hours)
 Service Contract - The Block of Time (10 hours)
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